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MusicA cartoon of piano keys

In October of 2022, I had a fun piano/melodica recital called "Bach and More!" It was in the atrium of a beautiful modern biology research in the Harvard Cambridge Campus. The turnout was surpringly large and we had a fun and wholesome time. You can even hear the jingling of a dog collar in the front row. A recording of the livestream is available here. I also wrote up some program notes (pdf!). Fun fact: I tried to put into practice some principles of Practical Typography which I found online the month before.

These days I also play in a jazz quartet called Mutual Beef. You can find us at.... mutualbeef.com.

College years

Click the picture below to check out my senior recital from May 2020! It includes Bach, Brahms, Ravel, and Chopin. Smiley face

Senior Recital

Also, please enjoy this high-quality recording of Oiseaux Tristes from Ravel's Miroirs Suite (thank you, Taide!) This was recorded on May 18, 2019 at the Stanford Department of Music Awards Concert.

And here is a very energetic performance of Gaubert's Trois Aquarelles with my fellow SCOr musicians Papa Odita-Honna (flute) and Michael Chung (cello). SCOr is a marvelous conductorless, democratic chamber orchestra that I had the pleasure to be a part of from 2016 to 2020.

Stuff I've made

Moon River arr. for melodica and piano (Dec '19)
Exploring the expressive possibilities of the humble melodica. A great song from an iconic movie!
Rhapsody on a Meme, for chamber orchestra (May '19)
A performance by SCOr, the Stanford Collaborative Orchestra. I'm still baffled that we voted to include this joke of a piece in our Spring 2019 program. Enjoy!
Bach's Little Fugue on melodica x4! (Mar '19)
Bach and melodica. What more could you want?
Please Close the Door (a beat) (Mar '17)
Please close the door to secure the building.
Prelude No. 1 for piano (May '16)
A piece I wrote near the end of high school for my English final project, inspired by Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment.
Variations on a Pig, for Wind Quintet (Jul '14)
One of my favorite songs is a Chinese children's song called "I am a chubby little pig". I liked it so much I turned it into a piece for wind quintet! Here is a link to the score.
Holst Second Suite arr. for Horn Quartet (Nov '13)
During high school I was super lucky to be part of a group of musicians and friends. We called ourself the Pink Bowties. Here is one of our signature tunes.
The Angry Tissue Box (involves a toilet) (May '11)
An early magnum opus.

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