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Jeffrey Chang

Graduate Student
Department of Physics
Harvard University
jeffrey_chang (snail) g.harvard (dot) edu

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Welcome to my website!

Here, you can learn some statistical mechanics or read about various scientific thoughts. You also can enjoy some music or play with some random javascript applets. Be wary that many pages on this website have not been updated in years!

A bit about me

I want to become a scientist (whatever that means today). Broadly I am interested in how life works on the molecular to cellular level: how the random jigglings of molecules allow living things to rather remarkable things. I majored in physics but have always tried to read broadly since think the fields of science ought to be treated as a whole. In undergrad I had the chance to do some research in the Boxer lab about the photochemistry of fluorescent proteins. When I entered graduate school in 2020, I had a long, meandering path through various topics in biophysics before settling on designing new proteins in the exciting new lab of Nick Polizzi at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute.

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Jeffrey Chang
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